If You Have Came Here Its Probably Because Your In The Hang-Outs Chat, I Hope You Follow These Rules.

♛How To Join The Chat♛

To Join The Chat You Need To Join MoonClan, Be Trust Worthy And Have Google Hang-Outs. If You Don't Have Google Hang-Outs Then You Wont Be Able To Join The Chat, We're Sorry Its Just The Rules.


1. Please Don't Talk About Religions.

it Would Just Cause a Big Fight in Chat With a Member Of Staff Or Another Clan Member, Or You Can Be Banned After 3 Strikes.

2. Don't Be Inappropriate.

What I Mean By This is Don't Post Porn Or Pictures Of Naked People, Some Of Us Are Kids, If You Do Your First Punishment Would Be The Warning Of "You Have One Strike Left Before Getting Banned"


So You May Think "Well The Rule Above Was Just About Nudity, So I Guess Kissing is Alright?" No, Kissing is Not Aloud, The Only Way You Would Get To Post Kissing is If All Of Staff Allows it.


No Fights Are Not Allowed, Especially if The Fight Involves Staff, if The Fight Involves Staff You Will Get 2 Strikes Instead Of 1 For Being That Stupid To Pick a Fight With Staff.

5.Inviting Strangers.

Yes This is a Rule That is So Often Broken, And The Stranger Would Kick Someone Out, You Can See My Concern Because Getting a Whole New Chat And Re-inviting The Clan Members is Hard Work, Inviting Strangers Will Give You 1 Strike, If They Kick Someone Out Then Its 2 Strikes.

5.The Video Calls.

When Ever ShadeStripe (Crafty) Or AshStar Make a Call, Please Don't Join Unless They Ask You To, And if They Ask You, Please Don't Lie And Make Excuses Or Join And Mute Your Self, And Please Don't Talk Inappropriate, if Your Inappropriate Then You Will Get 2 Strikes, if You Mute Your Self Then its 1 Strike.

6.Bored Talk.

Yes The Title May Seem Weird But its a Real Thing, This is When Your Bored And You Just Say Something Weird, One Of These Things Are Saying "Wut?" When No Ones Even Texting, Or Someones in The Middle Of Something.

7.Leaving Someone Out.

This is Very Rude, Either its a Game, Or Its a Call That You Don't Let Someone Join in When They Really Want To Or Kick Them Out, if You Lose Them As a Friend Then You Will Only Get 1 Strike, Because Losing a Friend is The Worst Punishment, But if You Don't Its 2 Strikes

Think We Need Another Rule? Leave it in The Comments Below!


These Are The Things That Decide if You Should Be Banned From The Chat Or Not, Everyone Starts Out Without Strikes, But if You Get 9 Strikes You Will Be Banned From The Chat, You Have 9 Lives, Strikes Are Deaths, 9 Strikes, You Go To The Dark Forest. Staff Cannot Get Strikes.

♛The Cats in The Chat♛

AshStar: Cannot Get Strikes,

ShadeStripe (Crafty): Cannot Get Strikes,

DustFur (Splashy): Cannot Get Strikes,

CloverClaw (Comet): 0/9,

PearlHeart (ScarletPetal): 1/9

MudTail: 0/9