♛Hello And Welcome!♛

This is The Moon And Stars Wiki, We Are a Tribe Of Cats Who Live on a island Shaped Kinda Like a Moon, But Even Cats Have Rules, Admins, Etc, So Before You Venture Farther Please Read The Wiki Rules!

General Rules

This also applies to the Chat.

  • Harassment, abuse, or bullying is unacceptable under any circumstances.
  • No homophobia or transphobia, please.
  • Do not insult other users.
  • Be polite.
  • Be respectful to everyone, regardless of if they are a righted user or non-righted user alike. Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.
  • Trolling is the act of provoking another user and getting an angered reaction from them. This falls under the general category of bullying and is not allowed.
  • Be sure to keep your profile picture user friendly/appropriate (No swearing, NSFW, etc.).
  • Do not use articles/pages/comment sections for roleplaying. Roleplaying is reserved strictly for threads only.
  • Do not paste chain mail or anything of that sort on users' message walls or in the comments. This will be considered spam.
  • Only Tribe Members Can Have a Page Here, And The Limit is 5.

Regarding Language

  • Please avoid using words that could be offensive to other users, i.e slurs.
  • Do not swear on threads/votes, articles, comments, blogs and userpages/profile pictures*. This includes censored swearing/abbreviations, but not including lmao (which is acceptable).
  • Due to Us All Speaking English, this site uses English as opposed to any other non-English language. Excessive use of a language that's not English is prohibited.

Regarding Comments and Advertising

  • Do not use page comments to swear, bully, insult or advertise your own wiki, (in the case of advertising, instead try to see if you are eligible for a partnership).
  • Per the above, do not use pages, votes, threads and comments to advertise signups, M.A.P parts, and so on. This can be done on forum threads on the "News and Announcements" board or in a blog post.
  • You cannot advertise your wiki on any of the pages, blogposts, or threads. If you're interested, you can sign up for a partnership

Alternate Account Policy

  • Alternate accounts are allowed on this Wiki, provided that:
    • They are not used to override bans or blocks.
    • They are not used to disrupt or troll.
  • If you evade your account's ban by creating another account, your sockpuppeting account(s) will be banned automatically.

important Users

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Founder And Bureaucrats Active AshStarTheSavage
Administrator Active CraftyPlay23
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